CUSTOM crystal grid newborn


Custom crystal grid newborn is unique in piece! These fun lists show the name, date of birth and zodiac sign of the child. On the frame, rose quartz and / or rock crystal are incorporated into the zodiac sign. Rose quartz and rock crystal are soft stones and suitable for babies because they have a general healing effect. The gemstones are very fine stones to place in the nursery of a newborn baby. It helps your baby make the transition from the etheric world to the earthly world. The stone has a calming effect and helps with (birth) trauma and homesickness. It provides a soft and safe bedding in which the baby can come home to itself.


The custom frames are sent as a gift as standard. Do you want to send a personal text on a card? Enter the text for the card below in the newborn portrait text field.

Enter the newborn portrait below.
Which name and date of birth may be included on the list? Preferred stone: rose quartz and / or rock crystal?