“Crystals, healing light & sacred geometry; each with their own message for your unique self”

The face behind

Hi, my name is Anouschka! Always curious about the new and unknown. From that feeling I started traveling, where I came into contact with cultures and the old values from these cultures. You could say that in addition to my physical journey, I made an even more special journey: an inner journey. The true self feels a strong connection with earth and nature. I translate this connection into my daily life by drawing strength from meditation and yoga. I use the most beautiful product from mother earth: crystals. As a creator and healer I translate the healing power of crystals into your individual personal journey with my own created art.


Crystals & selfcare

Indie + Sage: a combination of crystals, sacred geometry and healing light. I feel very grateful to be able to work with the most beautiful, earthly products every day. I clean and charge each crystal with care and love, in order to pass on the healing message to you. The tools each have their own message, matching everyone’s unique feeling and values. They assist you to bring out your highest potential.



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